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Kleer PVC Trimboard –
The look of wood without the maintenance!


Kleer Trimboard is a free-foam cellular PVC manufactured from the highest grade PVC resins and processing additives with a minimum of 16% recycled content.


kleerlumber_003Kleer PVC Trimboard looks and works like wood, but is better. Kleer® brand cellular PVC trim products are moisture resistant, will not rot, warp, splinter or decay and are impervious to insects. Furthermore, Kleer® brand cellular PVC trim products can be easily painted with 100% Acrylic Latex Paints if desired. Once fully cured, 100% acrylic paints will not chip or peel.

We recycle the trimmed off edges and introduce them back into our closed-loop manufacturing. Using recycled materials does not affect the quality of  Kleer products. Kleer has always recycled its own waste to keep PVC out of landfills. Our facility allows us to recapture all waste generated by the manufacturing process. All unusable material created during manufacturing is recycled back into the product.

Kleer has also developed programs with outside vendors and customers who perform mill work with Kleer to return their waste for reprocessing. We are also developing programs  to collect unused pieces of Kleer from job sites to be returned to us for reprocessing. Furthermore, we have developed recycling programs with raw material suppliers to recycle the containers and bags that their products are delivered in.





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