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The production of clay bricks has remained essentially the same for thousands of years. Bricks are fired to 2,000°F for up to four days, in kilns that operate around the clock for months at a time.


As a result, each clay brick you see is responsible for emitting about a pound of CO2 and consuming 6,000 BTUs of energy. This adds up. For a small school or office building, it can be equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power two homes for a year and CO2 emissions equivalent to that of four car’s emissions for a year.

CalStar has developed a patent-pending formula and manufacturing process to make a better and more sustainable brick. With no firing and no Portland cement, CalStar’s process:

• Consumes 85% less energy
• Releases 85% less CO2
• Recycles 40% post-industrial material that would otherwise wind up in a landfill.

CalStar proves that sustainability doesn’t need to be more expensive. By replacing mined clay with recycled by-products and reducing manufacturing energy, we take cost out of the equation: the same innovations that make our products sustainable also make them affordable.

Made to Perform
Of course, we’ve retained all the features that everyone loves about brick. The durability, low-maintenance, and in-wall performance are comparable to clay brick. Many masons can’t tell the difference: it han¬dles and installs the same. And the warm, rich, appearance is suited to a wide range of building styles, from traditional to ultra-modern.

LEED Credits
CalStar bricks contribute to multiple LEED Credits. Use our online LEED calculator to see how building with CalStar Products masonry can contribute on your project.

Environmental Product Declaration

CalStar Products’ bricks, pavers, and Thru-Wall units have achieved “Sustainable Platinum,” the most stringent certification tier under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standard. SMaRT certification helps specifiers more easily and confidently quantify products’ environmental attributes without concern for misleading information or greenwashing.





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